[AR]T Tied to Physical Locations

Yoshitsugu Kosaka
2 min readDec 28, 2020


In the very end of 2019, Artist, Keita Kojima shared the project idea with me. I started off searching to see if someone else has done something similar to it and came across a bunch of tools to utilize to implement it. I tested the tools I found online and found that this Unity asset developed by Daniel Fortes works best for this particular project.

The first version came out in the last April. This version contained contents across in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Although, it looks almost perfect how objects are placed in the picture. It's not always the case for a place like Shibuya where a large number of pedestrians with smart devices on them crossing.

Throughout the development / testing phase, I also discovered this technology heavily relies on conditions like weather. When it’s cloudy or rainy out, the accuracy noticably goes down.


The Sequel has been released in the mid November 2020. In this version, we added more statues and updated the UI of the app as well as a new feature. 'AR Word is Human'. This new mode detects planes through the camera and allows you to place objects.

The most remarkable update from the previous version besides from new contents is the addition of new materials.

Glowing effect
holographic material
Oil slick material
Glass Material

Link to Keita Kojima’s new zine label:

The app is available for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad):