AR Library App Ver 1.0


AR Library App is an iOS application that navigates users to find books based on their needs. There are 3 different modes in the application. (see below)

1. Archival Mode

The mode contains a collection of books that are there to help users come up with new ideas in their projects.

2. Trend / Magazine Mode

The "Trend Mode" remains the cleanness though, visually more vibrant than the other modes. This mode prompts users to discover the latest issue of magazines and books on the latest news and trends.

3. Niche Mode

The "Niche Mode" includes books that are. We've applied different feelings to this mode to make it more special. In the interview we conducted with the librarians, the library has unique books carefully curated and we wanted to make it easier for visitors to find those books. The design is inspired by sub-cultural scene in Asian cities and a little bit of low-fi vibe to it.

Although, there are a good amount of room to improve, this project has been quite a challenge for all of us. From building a data base of all the books to designing the theme and UX for each mode, there are so many steps to think about. Demo Video: